About Regal Solutions

Eli Ostreicher Regal Family Accomplishments

A Passion For Service, A Love For Travel

It all began in 2006 with his first venture, Regal Wings - a luxury and corporate travel planning company. With its recognition and application of personalized and exceptional customer service, they now rank #76 on the INC 500 company list, coming in at #2 in Travel and Hospitality. Clients include Rolex, Berkshire Hathaway and the Maroon 5 band. Eli Ostreicher, pictured left, now holds a suite of travel entities below him all retaining a firm philosophy of delivering the best value and personal attention to each and every client.

The Regal Card concept and collection of benefits is one that has transcended its original goal with this philosophy. Where we began as a program designed to bring luxury to the average traveler, it quickly dawned on us the potential to go beyond travel - to deliver a service designed to nurture every passion, business, and need of our valued customers.

The opportunity soon arose to help others achieve the same, beyond customers. With this dawned Regal Solutions - a white label product for companies that aspire to go above and beyond to create a loyalty like none other for their customers, members, prospects, or employees.

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