A Passion For Travel

Others might look at the fast, ever-growing travel industry and see dollar signs, we see it as a way of life. Travel is a passion, a love affair! A true traveler gets goose bumps just by nearing an airport or by the passing sounds of an overhead jet in the sky. Travel is about local culture, exotic smells, cobblestone streets, perfect memories and eternal bliss.

However, there are some aspects of travel we all despise, and maybe even fear. Security and lines at the airport, trusting your baggage to make it to your destination with you, the act of flying thousands of miles in the air itself, uncertainty of the location you may be heading to; the list goes on. On the other hand, for the high-end of society, travel almost seems like a vacation in itself. This is why we created the Regal Card; to allow the avid traveler to enjoy the same perks as the high rollers, but at an affordable price point. Get ready to upgrade your travel experience forever!

Core Values

Gold Glove Service

The way we handle our customers is truly an art-form. Our Gold Glove service ensures that every request is handled with utmost attention to detail.

Always Growing

Our record speaks for itself. We have repeatedly been named by the Inc. 500 and Crain’s Fast 50 as the fastest growing travel company.

Backed By Experience

Perfection comes from listening very carefully to our members’ feedback. We are always looking to transform our products based on your needs and wishes.

Built For You

Travel is so much more than just a job. Our leadership has more than 40 years of combined experience in the luxury travel industry, so we know just what you need and expect.